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Proud to be a Vegetarian

The average vegetarian spares the lives of over 50 animals each year. That adds up to thousands during a lifetime. Every time we eat, we are making a powerful choice that has profound consequences on the lives of animals. At each meal, we make a decision between supporting cruelty or living compassionately.

10 reasons to go vegetarian one day a week. In one year you will…..

Water Save 84,000 gallons of water
Grain Save 245 pounds of grain
Land Save 7,700 sq feet of rain forest
Animal Welfare Save a few of the over 10 billion animals slaughtered for food
Fossil Fuels Save 15.5 gallons of gasoline
Animal Waste Reduce over 400 pounds of manure produced by food animals
Global Warming Reduce your contribution to global warming
Topsoil Erosion Save 87 square feet of topsoil from erosion
Ocean Life Reduce your impact on our quickly vanishing ocean life!
Health A vegetarian diet, even one day a week will help reduce your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables greatly reduce heart disease and diabetes.

Please support to go vegetarian at least one day a week, more days the merrier. Kindly fill in below by the last day of each month.

Since the launch of ‘Proud to be a vegetarian’ at the end March 2009, the total number of vegetarian days accumulated upto now is 19,249 days. We look forward to your continued support in our plight. May all the merits thus accumulated be dedicated to all sentient beings and to an environmentally friendly planet.


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